Amplitude™ Knitted Wipes

The amplitude™ knitted wiper is a standardweight wiper with a textured surface for effective cleaning. The wiper is laser-cut, which seals the fibers at the edges. The wiper is made with fabric knitted from filament polyester. It is laundered and packaged in an ISO Class 4 cleanroom it further reduce contamination.

  • Soft textured wiper cleans surfaces without scratching
  • Extreme low in both particles and fibers
  • Good sorbency with solvents
  • Chemical resistant
  • Economical

Amplitude™ heavyweight 100% no-run knit wipe

Part # Description Wipes/Bag Bags/Case
AMVS0101 9"x9" (23cm x 23cm) wipe, stacked 150 8

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