ProChlor® Stabilised Hypochlorous Acid

Stabilised Hypochlorous acid blended with purified water

Contec ProChlor is a revolutionary new sporicide achieving a 100% kill against spores in under 1 min.

A patent pending blend of hypochlorous acid in purified water, Contec ProChlor is provided ready-to-use and is efficacious against bacteria, fungi, moulds, yeasts, viruses and spores.

Contec ProChlor is 0.2 micron filtered, and filled in a Grade A environment. The sterile product is filled into pre-irradiated components.

Provided double bagged, the product is designed for ease of entry into pharmaceutical cleanrooms.

Ordering Information

Part No. Description Packaging
SBC502PC Contec Sterile ProChlor 5L capped 2 x 5L
FBC502PC Contec ProChlor 5L Capped 2 x 5L

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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