Accubalance® Air Capture Hood Model 8380-STA

Model: 8380-STA
8380 with CH-Stand and tablet

Purchasing product bundles is an excellent way to save. TSI currently offers the 8380-STA Bundle for one low price—maximizing savings than if each were to be purchased separately.

The AccuBalance® Air Capture Hood 8380 Bundle includes:

  • TSI 8380 Capture Hood to provide most accurate direct air volume readings at diffusers and grilles

  • Capture Hood Stand to facilitate easy, safe one-peson operation while eliminating the use of ladders

  • Smart Tablet* loaded with LogDat™ Mobile App to enable remote display and logging of data as well as new TSI HVAC Training Videos

The 8380 AccuBalance® Air Capture Hood is a multipurpose electronic air balancing instrument primarily used for efficiently taking direct air volume readings at diffusers and grilles. It features a detachable micromanometer which can be used with optional probes for increased flexibility in multiple measurement applications.

Offering durable, trouble-free operation, this lightweight, ergonomically designed capture hood kit saves time and money by combining multiple measurement tools into one package. The 8380 AccuBalance Air Capture Hood helps you create healthy and energy efficient environments while meeting local codes, guidelines and regulations for ventilation systems.


  • Test and balance contractors
  • Commissioning agents
  • Facilities managers
  • Health and safety specialists
  • Ventilation system installers

Features and Benefits

  • Ergonomic design and ultra light weight for easy, one-person operation
  • Automatically senses and displays supply or return flows, saving time on the job
  • Back pressure compensation ensures accurate readings
  • Multiple hood sizes available for easy, cost effective use across multiple jobs
  • Detachable digital micromanometer offers flexibility to use in multiple applications
  • Includes Swirl X Flow Conditioner for use with twist or swirl type supply air diffusers
  • Compatible LogDat™ Mobile Remote Reader and Data Logger Software option simplifies documenting of results and emailing of reports
  • Capture hood stand eliminates the need for ladders (reaching diffusers up to 4,5m (15 ft.)

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