Ventilation Meter

Velocicalc® Air Velocity Meter Model 9535

Model: 9535-A
Air Velocity Meter, Articulated Probe, Temp, Basic Data Logging

Measures velocity, temperature / calculates flow with an articulated, telescopic probe / data logging.

The Models 9535 Air Velocity Meters simultaneously measure and data log several ventilation parameters using a single probe with multiple sensors. Both models measure velocity, temperature and calculate flow.


  • HVAC system performance
  • Commissioning 
  • Plant maintenance 
  • Critical environment certification 
  • Duct traverses

Features and Benefits

  • Accurate air velocity measurement
  • Easy to read display
  • Simple to operate
  • Calibration certificate included
  • Simultaneously measure temperature and velocity 
  • Displays up to three measurements simultaneously 
  • Calculates volumetric flow and actual/standard velocity 
  • Data log 12,700+ samples and 100 test IDs 
  • LogDat2TM downloading software included 
  • Articulated probe

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