Particle Counter Calibration

Calibrate your particle counter AT YOUR SITE!            
Feel free to contact our Sales Representatives and ask more about our ON-SITE CALIBRATION.

All you need to provide us is a parking space for our mobile calibration lab.

Given the particle counter is in good working conditon and there are no issues encountered during the calibration process, we should be able to return your unit on the SAME DAY.

If you prefer to have your particle counter calibrated in our office, just let us know. Your unit should be returned within a maximum of 7 working days from date of pick-up, given the unit is in good working condition.

Local calibration means:
1. Freight savings, lower calibration cost for you!
2. Fast turn-around, the time lost on not being able to use your unit is very short.
3. You can also conveniently schedule the calibration when you don’t need to use the unit.
4. You have completely eliminated the risk of damage due to shipping.

Our on-site calibration capability covers for the following TSI particle counters model:

 Handhelds   Portables   Remotes 
 9303-01  9310-01  7310-03F 
 9306-V  9310-02   7510-01F 
 9306-V2  9350-01  7510-02F 

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